Professional Program Audition

Placement for all levels of the PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM is by live or video audition only.  There are only 12 spaces available per level in the Program. Current students who successfully pass their annual exams will be given priority over new applicants.

THE AUDITION PROCESS IS DIFFERENT FOR INTERNATIONAL and OUT-OF-PROVINCE STUDENTS.  Please refer to the International and Out-Of-Province Students page for more details on the audition process. 

Live audition procedure for entry into the Professional Program students is as follows: Students can be assessed during the whole of the Summer Intensive for eligibility into the Professional Program.  Students will be notified of acceptance, or regret, into the Professional Program after completion of the Summer Intensive.  Please contact the school via email to discuss alternate audition methods if the student is unable to participate in the Summer Intensive but would still like to audition for the Professional Program.

To pre-register for an audition for the Summer Intensive 2019, please visit the Summer Intensive Audition Page

We strongly encourage all students to audition at Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet.  We recommend to our current students to audition because knowing how to audition and going through the process is an important part of their dance knowledge.

To sum up the words of many of our students who are in our Professional Program,

"....I thought I knew a lot about ballet after so many years of lessons, but I see now that I really didn't understand ballet technique until I took classes with Mr. Beales...."

"....I'm learning so much here in such a short time than I've learned elsewhere in years...."

" learn and improve so much with Mr. Beales...." 

"....I can't imagine taking ballet anywhere else....." 

".....if you're serious about dance training, Maple Leaf is the place to be....."



(If unable to participate in a summer intensive.)

In person

Please email the school with the subject headed "Audition", specifying Professional Program , and be sure to include your personal contact information. Once we receive your email, the school will contact you and provide you with an audition application and further details.  On the day of the audition, please bring a current head-shot photo of the student.



Video Audition

Video audition submission must include:

1.       15-minute (max.) video demonstrating barre and centre work: senior students (16 years and older) should include pointe work and/or a variation; students under 16 years of age should include a short dance demonstrating musicality, character and performance ability.

2.       Most current photos of the student demonstrating: i) en face, battement tendu de cote with arms in second position; ii) right leg front splits with pointed feet; iii) left leg front splits with pointed feet; iv) side splits with pointed feet.

3.       Completed Registration Form

4.       Most current head-shot photo

Please submit the package to:

Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet

310 Henry St.

Victoria B.C., Canada, V9A 3J2

Attention:  Audition


Limited scholarship is available to eligible students.  For more information please contact the School at: