Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet's Professional Program is internationally recognized for the quality of training and development of technique and artistry.  Our students have been recognized by renowned icons of the dance world such as Irina Kolpakova and Gelsey Kirkland.  Our Professional Program teaches the Vaganova technique using the Bolshoi Academy Curriculum and is like no other professional development program offered in Canada.    

Students in the Professional Program may be offered performance opportunities outside of Canada. They may also have training opportunities in internationally renowned programs. Please refer to for a list of international placements and distinctions achieved by our students.

Master classes taught by distinguished guests and many other supportive programs are also available to students in the Professional Program.


Structure of the Professional Program:

The Professional Program consists of eight graduated levels based on, but not limited to, the program laid out by Agrippina Vaganova. Each level is designed to allow for safe and proper progression within the curriculum.  

The Professional Program is for students 11 years of age and older. Acceptance and placement into the Professional Program are based on many factors and is not limited by age.  We have had students older than 11 years of age with different dance backgrounds begin the Professional Program and rapidly progress through the levels.

Training focuses on developing students so that they may reach their full potential as dancers and learn a broad array of dance disciplines. Classes include:  Ballet technique using the Vaganova method, Pointe work, Men's dance training, Pas de Deux, Ballet history, Repertoire, Choreographic workshops, ballet gymnastics, music theory, Cecchetti/RAD methods, and body conditioning.  

The Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet has forged unique partnerships with academic schools in School District 61, ensuring students are challenged and stimulated beyond the walls of our studios, thus enabling us to offer the best overall support to our student body. High School students participate in their dance training in the morning, attend high school in the afternoon, and return for more supportive classes and rehearsals for over 30 hours of training a week. Middle School students attend regular school during the day and join us for dance training in the early afternoon to over 20 hours of dance training a week. 

Please refer to the AUDITIONS PAGE for more information on the audition process into the Professional Program.