The mission of Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet is to offer exceptional classical ballet training using the clean technique of the Vaganova Method and the Bolshoi Academy Curriculum while exploring various choreography through modern and contemporary dance forms.  

What is the MLSRB Professional Program

Our professional ballet training program is recognized internationally for the quality of training and development of technique and artistry.  Our students have been recognized by renowned icons of the dance world such as Irina Kolpakova and Gelsey Kirkland.  

What sets our professional program apart from other schools in Canada:

Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet - Stephen Jennings Photography
  • The program has been meticulously thought out by our Artistic Director, Mr. David C. Beales, for the proper progression and development of the dancer using the Vaganova Method and following the Bolshoi Academy Curriculum.

  • Mr. Beales is the only dance instructor in Canada with certifications from both the Vaganova Ballet Academy Faculty and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

  • We offer a rare opportunity for students outside of Russia to study the same technique and curriculum offered by these revered ballet schools.

  • Upon completion of the professional program, the graduate will be proficient in the clean, classical techniques of the Russian methods, and will have accreditation in the Cecchetti Method and Royal Academy of Dance in addition to the complete Russian Ballet Curriculum.

  • The graduate will have the versatility in technique, artistry and dance disciplines to seek placement with dance companies around the world.

  • Students will have prospects to travel internationally with MLSRB to prestigious academies and participate in productions abroad.

  • The school offers exclusive Master class opportunities with distinguished guests such as Celine Gittens (Principal, Royal Birmingham Ballet), Michael Montgomery (Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet), and many others.


Our professional students have achieved great distinction with placement in some of the top international programs:

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  • 2018 Gold Medal winner of the California Dance Classics Competition in the National Character Ensemble category

  • 2018 Bronze Medal winner of the California Dance Classics Competition in the Classical Repertoire Ensemble, Age 13 – 15, category

  • 2018 Ballet Heritage Summer Intensive (St. Petersburg, Russia)

  • 2017 Formation Superieure du Danseur in Geneva, Switzerland, with scholarship

  • 2017 Budapest Dance Theatre International Elite Program in Hungary

  • 2017 International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague , at the Czech National Ballet in Prague, where Bolshoi Ballet’s prima ballerina, Evgenia Obraztsova, was one of the instructors.

  • 2017 The Summer Open World Intensive in Riga, Latvia, where luminary instructors and dancers from the Vaganova Ballet Academy and the Bolshoi were coaching.

  • 2017 Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive in NYC.

  • 2017 Randolph Academy of Performing Arts , Diploma Program (Toronto)

  • 2017 Winter Open World Intensive in NYC where the legendary Irina Kolpakova was one of the instructors.

  • 2017 Gelsey Kirkland Academy Summer Ballet Intensive in NYC.

  • 2016 Our professional students were guest dancers in the Richter Academy of Classical Dance’s premiere production of The Nutcracker in Los Angeles, California,

  • 2015 Summer Open World Intensive in NYC

  • 2015 Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive in NYC

The Professional Program

The professional program consists of eight graduated levels based on, but not limited to, the program laid out by Agrippina Vaganova.  The ballet program follows the same curriculum used by the Bolshoi Academy.   Each level is designed for the safe and proper progression and development of the student.  The program is for students 11 years old and older.  Class levels are age appropriate and based on the student’s skill level and current development.

Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet

Focus will be on developing students so that they reach their full potential and learn a broad array of dance disciplines.  Some of the classes students will be taking are:  

  • Ballet technique using the Vaganova method following the Bolshoi Academy Curriculum

  • Pointe work

  • Pas de Deux

  • Men’s dance training

  • Ballet history

  • Repertoire

  • Choreographic Workshops

  • Ballet gymnastics

  • Body conditioning

  • Modern/Contemporary

  • Character

  • Cecchetti / RAD

  • Music theory

  • Music History

  • Stage Makeup

  • Understanding Theatre

Oour professional pianist, Ms. Luda Tkatchenko, has her music degree from the Music Conservatory in Moscow, Russia.

Master classes taught by distinguished guests and many other supportive programs are available to the Professional Program students throughout the eight years.

Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria Legislative Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet

Victoria, British Columbia, is a city of spectacular natural beauty and Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet is conveniently located in a beautiful heritage building near the heart of the city. Downtown attractions such as the Empress Hotel, where Queen Elizabeth held audience, and experiencing High Tea at the Empress is a long-standing tradition for any visitor.  The imposing Legislature building and its grounds, where Prince William and Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge, had a walk-about in 2016, is only a block away from the Empress and all are in the heart of the Inner Harbour.

Downtown’s Fisherman’s Wharf is great for grabbing a quick bite, or wondering about the eclectic array of boat houses.  Local beaches are also a short walk or drive away while there are countless farmer’s markets for browsing, shopping and tasting the goods.  

Orca Whale watching for the adventurous, or a walk about the world renown Butchart Gardens is only a short drive away from our school.  For those wanting deeper immersion into our province’s natural wonders, a day trip to Cathedral Grove Forest is available.  Cathedral Grove is home of some of the world’s oldest fir trees and is part of Canada’s Rain forest.

Aside from the city’s indescribable natural beauty and the incomparable dance training Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet offers, there are other advantages for participating in the Professional program.    Canada is very welcoming of visitors no matter what part of the world they originate from and has the well-deserved reputation for being open and accepting.


Academic Studies

Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet International Student

Our international and out-of-province professional students are able to study under a flexible academic schedule in collaboration with the Victoria School Board (VSB) to accommodate studio training, dance examinations, rehearsals and travels for performances.  The VSB offers a variety of academic courses and programmes through middle schools and secondary schools in the public school districts.  Recommended schools are accredited by the BC Ministry of Education and ensure high academic standards so that students graduating with a BC Grade 12 diploma may pursue post-secondary education anywhere in the world if they so desire.

Our professional program is demanding and challenging and we continue to establish a positive relationship with recommended schools so that our students may pursue excellence in dance training at MLSRB.


Host Families and Our Community

All international and out-of-province students under the age of 19 live with host families carefully screened by MLSRB.  Host families are selected to provide the support and understanding so that our students have the best possible environment to continue with their dance training.  Our staff and MLSRB community of supportive families assist all students and host families for the duration of the student’s stay to help with whatever issues might arise.  


Admission is by live or video audition only.  Video audition submission must include:

  1. 15-minute (maximum) video demonstrating barre and centre work:  senior students (16 years and older) should include pointe work and/or a variation; students under 16 years of age should include a short dance demonstrating musicality, character and performance ability.

  2. Current photos of the student demonstrating: i) en face in battement tendu de cote with arms in second position; ii) right leg front splits with pointed feet; iii) left leg front splits with pointed feet; iv) side splits with pointed feet.

  3. Completed Registration Form

  4. Current head-shot photo  Please submit the package to:

Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet

310 Henry St.

Victoria B.C., Canada, V9A 3J2

Attention:  Audition

Video audition link and password through email.

Limited scholarship is available to eligible students.

We strongly encourage all students to audition, regardless of dance method background or school.  To sum up the words of some of our students who participated in past Summer Intensives, or who are in our Program,

“…..I thought I knew a lot about ballet after so many years of lessons, but I see now that I really don’t understand ballet technique until I took classes with Mr. Beales….”

“…..I’m learning so much here in such a short time than I’ve learned elsewhere in years…..”

“…..I can’t imagine taking ballet anywhere else…..”

"......If you're serious about dance training, Maple Leaf is the place to be....."