Annual Tuition:

The Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet’s Professional Program is a training and development program and tuition is calculated on an annual basis to reflect the programs offered and can not be broken down to hourly rates.  The faculty at the school are some of the most knowledgeable and qualified in their field, and internationally recognized for their expertise in the Vaganova ballet technique and training.  The classes offered in the program have been developed by our Artistic Director and there is no comparable program offered in Canada that is as thoroughly or carefully thought out to ensure proper development and progression of a dancer.

Students enrolled in the Professional Program are invited to participate in technical and repertoire classes, and production performances.  No additional fee will be required for students participating in this unique opportunity.

Methods of Payment

Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet will accept payment through Visa or Mastercard, but as we are a small business, we strongly encourage payment by e-transfer, cheque, or cash.  If paying by credit card, please be advised that the service fee of 3% that the credit card companies charge the School will be passed on to our students’ families.  Thank you for your understanding.

>>For information about the annual tuition rates for the different levels of the Professional Program, please email the school.

1.  Full Payment

A cheque made for the full amount and payable on September 1st/start of Term One.  Payments made using this method will receive a discount of 5%If paying with credit card, the discount will be 2%.

2. Three Post Dated Cheques

Three post dated cheques of equal amounts made payable for September 1st, December 1st, and March 1st to be submitted at the beginning of Term One.  The amount payable for each installment and the payment schedule is non-negotiable.  If paying with credit card, please make payments on the same dates as for the cheques. 

3. Six Post Dated Cheques

Each post dated cheque of equal amount must be made payable on the first of each month starting September 1st to February 1st of the following year.  The amount payable for each installment and the payment schedule is non-negotiable.    If paying with credit card, please make payments on the same dates as for the cheques.  Regretfully, a 3% service charge will be passed on for each credit card transaction.


Please note that switching from payment method 2 to method 3 will not be permitted.  A NSF charge of $35 will be applied and a cumulative late fee of $25/month will be added to any late payment.  If payment is not met when using the second or third method, the student may be asked to stop classes until such time the student’s account is up to date.  At the discretion of the school, a student may also be asked to withdraw completely from the program if payment is overdue by a month.  All outstanding payments, including applicable overdue fees, are due immediately upon the school’s request for the student’s withdrawal.

 A one-time production fee will be due in full at the beginning of Term One.  The production fee will cover all costume rentals for performance productions for the whole year, performance DVDs and some school supplies.  Level 1 production fee is $600.  Level 2 and above is $750.  


If for personal reasons the student has to withdraw from the Professional Program, one month’s notice must be given to the school in writing.  Please be aware that after October 31st, no refund will be issued and payment owing on the balance of the full tuition must be made regardless of the number of classes missed leading up to the withdrawal.  The no refund policy is in place as the school cannot fill the vacancy made by the withdrawing student. After November 1st, a new student would not be able to learn and catch up to the progression of the program at this late date.

If the student misses 20% or more of class time by the end of the school year, the student will be asked to repeat the level or withdraw from the program altogether to make space for another student.  Only medical reasons will be permitted for this many missed classes.